Weekly Lunchbox Planning Printables

Welcome to the wonderful world of packing school lunches! Ok, I know this may not be your favourite activity but I love it - so I can help you make the process easier and dare I even say - fun?

I enjoy packing lunches that are colourful and full of healthy options. Let's get real though, sometimes 'treats' sneak into a lunchbox here or there and I am totally okay with that. I figure, if you are taking the time to: print off our printable, plan for 5 days of lunches, and aim to include some healthy options - you my friend are already winning. 

In order to snag your own printable just click on the example below and we will email it and others right to you!

I would love to see the lunches you assemble, so please tag me on Insta or ask to join our Facebook group and share with us.

Looking forward to seeing your creations!


Mel, Sosi's Mom

5 Day Lunchbox Planning Guide Printable (6 compartments) Yumbox Original