Who is Sosi?

SosiSafe is dedicated to those who are looking for cleaner and leaner ways to feed their families while keeping all the recipes peanut free and milk free.

Sosi is my inspiration for creating this blog as she is epi-pen allergic to peanuts and milk. This is not a web-MD mom diagnosis, but a real allergist confirmed conclusion. She was six months old when she first got hives all over her face when we tried peanut butter. At eight months we added some milk to mashed potatoes, and again, hives erupted everywhere the food had come in contact with her skin. These reactions prompted an appointment with our family doctor who recommended we see a local allergist. The results were clear; Sosi’s body was not able to tolerate peanuts or milk.

After the official diagnosis I was feeling very overwhelmed. As a full-on worry-wart, this only escalated my heart palps and list of unanswered questions. What will I be able to feed her? Will she ever be able to eat take-out food? Where can I find recipes that are healthy that everyone will enjoy? I quickly became obsessed with online researching. Fast forward to today after countless hours of recipe trial and errors, and I am finally ready to share our peanut free and milk free recipes with you. It should be noted that most of these recipes are eat-cleanISH in nature. We avoid processed food as often as possible and believe in recipes that taste delicious because of real food ingredients.

I am creating a peanut free and milk free recipe database within the online world in hopes of supporting other families who have loved ones with peanut and/or milk allergies. We do not bring products in the house that “may contain peanuts”, but everything here is made with love.


Mel aka Sosi’s Mom

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