How to keep weight off after reaching your goal? Maintenance mode with #ww

Let’s talk about the reality of maintaining weight loss once you have achieved your goal. It is HARD work! It took my roughly 10 months to lose 70 pounds and keep it off for the past two years. Consistency was the key along with some major lifestyle updates that included my dedication to #ww (Weight Watchers) daily exercise, and journaling. 

Your weight loss journey does not end when you reach your goal. What really happens (if you plan on continuing to be successful) is you need to come to the realization (and fast!) that in order to maintain your current weight – you need to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle, forever. Like forever ever? Forever.

I have been in maintenance mode for over a year (been consistently using the #ww app for 3 years!) and each week still requires meal planning, daily point calculating, and making sure I move my body enough to get my heartrate into the cardiovascular zone for 30 minute or more 5-6 times per week. 

So, whether your goal is to feel comfortable in your favourite pair of jeans, maintaine a certain number on the scale or to be able to run that 5K in under thirty minutes (in your late 30s) – you need to realize that being able to eat without planning and guidance needs to stay in your rearview mirror. 

But the great news there? Leaving negative daily routines behind that are not helpful to your healthier self, is gonna taking some significant weight off your shoulders (and probably your a$s too). 

Here are three parts of life I have left in the past that keep me motivated. 

Huffing and puffing walking up a few flights of stairs – gonzo. 

Waking up nightly because of heartburn and indigestion – see ya later. 

Hating to get dressed in the morning because with each pair of pants I squiggled my body into, I just knew I wasn’t at my healthiest size. 

SO what are parts of your day that you can let go of? 

Make a list, make it twice, read it every day, write it down on a sticky note, wherever you can see it clearly. Keep track of the things in your life that make you feel uncomfortable, and write what it will feel like to have that gone. 

  1. Huffing and puffing up the stairs —> running and playing with my children at the park 

      2.Nightly heartburn —> sleeping through the night, makes it possible for me to workout early in the morning

      3.Hate getting dressed —> feeling confident in the clothing items you have in your closet – nothing beats a pair of jeans and bright pink blazer right? 

I hope you are all feeling energized for this month friends! Speak kindly to yourself and remember, Loved is best!



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