How to prep roasted veggies for 1 point on weight watchers green plan

Weight Watchers Meal Prep Roasted Veggies 1 point on WW Green plan

Roasted Veggies for 1 point on the WW green plan 

Hi there, this is Mel from Loved is  and today I’m sharing with you my favourite way to quickly prepare delicious roasted veggies for only 1 point on the WW green plan. I’m pretty sure this prep is low points on blue and purple too, just not 100%. When I plan my meals I like to include some sort of carb so I will count 4 points for 1 cup of the cooked yellow potatoes. If you are looking to save points, just load up on the zero point veg. 

How to Prep your veggies for roasting

Make sure to clean your veggies as you normally would OR grab yourself some frozen veggies and make this process even easier. I really like PC frozen veggies and fruit.

Did you know that when they prep, pack, and freeze veggies they have to be at their peak readiness? That means when you open them from your freezer they should still taste great!

I mean, I’m in Canada and we do not have access to fresh veggies all year so we make adjustments right? No excuses 

You can see there is only a thin row of Brussel sprouts, I haven’t quite got the fam jam on board with eating them with me yet lol 

One thing to note is the timing each veggie takes too cook. I peeled and diced these yellow potatoes really small so they would be ready at the same time as the other veggies. 

Asparagus is one of my favourite veggies so paid an arm and a leg for them but totally worth it to add to my dinner bowl. 

I like to keep my seasoning simple because I am a sauce girl at heart. When I eat this it will be drizzled in a healthy dose of dijon mustard (0 points) and Mayne 1 tablespoon of Coleslaw dressing (2 points) depending on my point count for the day. 

My mom makes the most delicious roasted potatoes so I’m channeling a bit of that by adding Rosemary to them. But just a crunched up pinch, and only on the potatoes! 

Rosemary can quickly overpower the dish. 

Lastly I add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to lightly coat the veggies, keep them from sticking to the parchment paper, and help them crisp up just a smidge. 

And as an aside, I love the easy open tab on the top, sounds funny but it makes prep so much easier when I’m not hunting down the kitchen scissors to open each bag.  

Make sure to rotate and flip around the 15 to 20 minute mark. 

Flippity flip all done back into the oven for another 15 – 20 minutes. 

Here is the finished product after 25-35 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees. The cooking time will vary, my oven is on the older Side so I swear it takes longer to cook!  

Now choose the veggies you want to enjoy. If you skip the potatoes it is only 1 point! 1 whole cup of cooked potatoes is only 4 points and paired with a lower point protein, these roasted veggies really create a base for a satisfying and filling meal.

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