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Weight Watchers Friendly Lunch Ideas – Crunchy Egg Wrap 6-8 points

Crunchy Egg Wrap Recipe, easy to make, egg-cellent to eat (see what I did there?) lol

First, start with 1 tsp of a light flavoured olive oil (1 point).

Make sure the pan you are using is nice and warm but be careful not to burn yourself. Medium low heat usually does the trick around here. 

Next, crack two eggs (4 points, 2 each) into a container you can really mix up.I really like the taste of medium salsa in my wraps and I love that it adds extra flavour without costing me any points. Please feel free to add in any ‘low-to-no’ point extras. Think leftover roasted asparagus, broccoli, red onions. Maybe you had a taco tuesday night and saved yourself some ground turkey, chicken, or beef? Toss it in, just count the point.

After a quick mix, simply add the eggy-delicious mixture into the frying pan.

It will take a few minutes for your egg to become flippable. This will depend on the pan you are using etc. 

While it is cooking, grab your tortilla wrap (3 points) and the side vegetable of your choosing. 

I really like to add hot sauce to my eggs, and it’s zero points so another bonus so win -win. Frank’s is my favourite right now but experiment to see what you like best!

This deliciousness is equal to 8 points on green and one of my absolute staples for lunch. If you are wanting to save a few points, try it with just egg whites or one egg – still scrumptious.

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