4 Weeks to Prepare for Homeschooling (Week 2 outline)

Hello and welcome to our 4 weeks to prepare for homeschooling email series. This week, (week 2) is a bit more involved because I want you to think about the learning space in your home.

Here are some guided questions to get you started with thinking about a homeschooling learning space in your house.

#1. Where do you and your kids feel most comfortable? 

#2. Is there a wall you could dedicate to daily practice activities?

#3. Do you have an extra room, or spot in the basement that you could declutter? 

#4. How many kids are you getting ready to support at home? 

#5. Is it possible to collect all of your materials into 3 tubs, and rotate them on and off the main kitchen table? 

4 Weeks to Prepare for Homeschooling Video for Week 2

In this video I have included a speedy version of me attempting to organize a corner in our basement. As you will see, I have not decided on a final layout and I already swapped out a few things. Over the years I have collected many items for my home and classroom that I will be mixing together to create a fluid space.

The really great thing about teaching at home is the flexibility it allows for. The homeschool learning space should be easily manipulated to match you and your child(ren)’s learning styles. You will notice I do not include any formal desks because Kindergarten is focussed on play-based learning. However, if you want to include desks, go for it! Your kiddo might love having a “big person” desk.

What if I don’t have Enough Space for Homeschooling?

If you do not have a dedicated space, do not worry. At the beginning of my teaching career (over 10 years ago) I used to go in and supply teach and cover for prep time teachers (think the teacher who rotates around the school covering Phys. Ed., music, drama, etc), I rolled around with a cart and a few baskets of supplies but it was totally doable with a little planning.

3 tub, 3 subjects : 

  1. Art / creative supplies 
  2. Math manipulatives 
  3. Language (letters, fine motor supplies, tactile learning supplies)

That’s it! There is of course other subject areas and objectives in a classroom but at home, we will be focussing on what I consider to be the most important aspects for building a solid school foundation. This way, when I feel safe sending the kiddos back to school, they won’t be behind their peers.

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As part of Week 1 task (full blog post here if you missed it) I also asked you to think about the option of recruiting others to help you teach subjects. There are two reasons for this : 

  1. To give you some mental health space during this challenging homeschooling time AND
  2. This can give you one-to-one time with one of your children while their sibling is practicing skills with Nanny or GrandDad, or their super awesome auntie who loves to teach piano

Quick Review from Week 1

I’m sharing how I am preparing for our September start of home learning. We will not have a regimented schedule but I willl focus on Kindergarten ‘expectations’ from the Ontario curriculum documents.

Kindergarten is all about play-based learning, of course. However, I believe in building the foundation for reading, writing, math, and raising a kind little human as well. You will notice that I focus a lot on positive learning experiences versus the actual content, this is because creating a love of learning really translates into a happy learner as life goes on. 

So let’s get started with our 4 weeks of school prep! 

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Things to think about for Week 3 of Preparing for Homeschooling 

  • Do you count out-loud at home? 
  • What is your favourite number? 
  • How often do you measure objects at home?
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