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2 Ingredient Dough Recipe for Making Bagels

2 Ingredient Dough Recipe

This 2 ingredient dough recipe is so easy, and takes no time at all. The most time consuming part is rolling out the dough and shaping it into your preferred bagel size. I used this recipe to make 4, medium sized bagels. I do not have self-rising flour, so I included the quick fix for regular all-purpose flour to make it “self-rising”.

I like to include a light egg-wash to make the outside crisp and golden brown. This is totally optional. I like the egg-wash as well because it helps the yummy toppings stick. I really like plain sea-salt as a topping and even Tex-Mex flavouring, I’m not sure the exact amount, I just lightly coat?

Please enjoy, because on WW Green these bad-boys are only 4 points and worth every bite.

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Notes :

About baking time, the recipes I’ve read and on the app call for 18-22 minutes of bake time at 350 degrees, mine took closer to 30, just watch your oven around the 15 minute mark.

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