“Nice Cream” Recipe

Strawberry Banana Flavour “Nice Cream” Recipe

It is finally the time of year to bring out our Homemade Milk Free Ice Cream recipes! This particular “nice cream” recipe has a vanilla base with strawberry and bananas mixed in for extra flavour and healthy stuff too. You know, potassium, fibre, protein, Vitamins K and C. What I really like about this, “nice cream,” is the 450mg of calcium that the Silk Almond milk adds per cup. I love that my kidlets are happily consuming almost half of their calcium DRI (daily recommended intake). According to Health Canada, a child 4-8 years of age needs 1000mg of calcium daily,*

Fresh or Frozen Fruit?

This all depends on the type of food processor or blender you have. With our little Hamilton Beach single serving blender, it was easier to use fresh fruit and then freeze the mixture overnight. With our more powerful Ninja food processor, we can make soft serve ice cream in about 3 minutes using frozen fruit. The recipe works either way it just depends on your timing.

Recipe Round Up

What are some of your favourite homemade recipes? We are always looking to try new combinations! One of our other favourite recipes is our Chocolate Avocado smoothie recipes, we use this as our ice cream base and it is delicious. We’ve even added in SosiSafe chocolate chips for something fun! Are you looking for other ways to share your ideas with our SosiSafe readers? Please feel free to request to join our FB Group or simply add your email address to keep up to date with our newest posts and recipes.

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