Mabel’s Labels Customizable Food Allergy Alert Stickers

As a Food Allergy Mom I am totally obsessed with Mabel’s Labels Food Allergy Alert stickers. These red little stickers are the perfect lunchbox accessory as they alert teachers, lunchroom staff, students, and other caring adults, that our Food Allergy kids need to be kept safe at lunchtime.

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Mabel's Labels Food Allergy Alert Sticker review by #sosisafe a food allergy mom

Food Allergy Stickers

The scariest thing about starting school was the the fact that Sosi would be sharing an eating area with students who do not have food allergies. How do I make sure Sosi is kept safe when I am not there? What if the classroom teacher is absent and the guest teacher doesn’t understand the severity of food allergies? How can we make sure she drinks from only her water bottle? The answer – Mabel’s Labels! We decided to go with a three sticker set-up to really make sure people understood the importance of Sosi eating just her own lunch. Mabel’s stickers offer me piece of mind knowing that Sosi’s lunchbox, water bottle, and soon to be backpack, are all clearly labelled with her peanut and milk allergies.

When I can’t be be at the lunch table, Mabel is, and I feel great about that.

-Food Allergy Mom, Mel (SosiSafe)
Food Allergy Sticker for lunchboxes a review of Mabel's Lables by SosiSafe
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How long do Mabel’s Labels last?

I decided to conduct a little experiment and share our findings along the way. We are currently on Week 24 of our Mabel’s Labels testing and these little stickers are still going strong! These little stickers cling to our Yumbox (found here) and they have yet to tear, crack, or budge. Around here, we usually hand-wash our lunch container but they have also been through the dishwasher (when my husband is on dishes), and again, the stickers still look almost brand new. You can find all our photos in our Mabel’s Labels Picture Album Weekly Picture Log.

Food Allergy Stickers for lunchboxes using Yumbox containers
We use three stickers, we don’t want any confusion.

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