An honest review of our experience at the Food Allergy Friendly Toronto restaurant -Hype Food Co. This restaurant caters to food allergy families, vegans, and anyone with a tooth for sweets! We highly recommend this family friendly - allergy safe Toronto based restaurant.

Hype Food Co. (Food Allergy Friendly) Restaurant Review

We had never been out to dinner as a family. Not once, in almost 4 years. We preferred to keep Sosi safe and just eat at home or at our trusted friends’ and families houses. That is, until we heard the great news about the new food allergy friendly restaurant in Toronto, Hype Food Co.

Hype Food Co., had a cool, family friendly vibe as soon as we walked in. Sunlight cascaded in through large street-side windows and I immediately appreciated the cleanliness of the space and the homemade smell that wafted toward us as we got closer to the food counter.

The fast-casual food counter set-up made selecting our food allergy friendly meals an absolute breeze. There was an amazing chalkboard menu that was easy to read and understand, which made assembling our lunches quick and efficient. The co-owners Pauline and Matt effortlessly made us feel at home while we of course asked if everything we ordered was totally peanut and milk free, and for once I believed that it was.

While we waited for our meals we skipped up three quick steps, to a welcoming seating section complete with an area for little ones to play and families to dine. Hype Food Co.’s cozy family space packed a Lego table, walls Picasso’ed with children’s artistic creations, and a bookshelf, thoughtfully placed at a child’s eye level.

Hype Food Co. restaurant review by SosiSafe
Getting creative at Hype Food Co.

For our lunch, we selected two different “bowl” options. We started with a base – we chose zucchini and brown rice macaroni. We then loaded up with a choice of protein, we went with beans and chicken. There was also a wide variety of veggies to choose from and some really delicious sauces and dressings. Pauline whipped up a fresh batch of the Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette while we were there and the maple really added a lovely Canadian twist to this traditional dressing. The food was fresh, tasty, and totally safe -what more could a food allergy friendly family hope for right?

Hype Food Co Zucchini Bowl by SosiSafe
Hype Food Co., Zucchini Bowl – amazing!
Hype Food Co Zucchini Bowl by SosiSafe
Hype Food Co, Brown Rice Macaroni noodles bowl

Well, we hoped for ice cream and we got it!  Ice cream in the summer is a given right? With the soaring temperatures, and sticky humidity, nothing quite compares to the cool deliciousness of a chilling dessert. This simple summer staple is an absolute no-go when your child is allergic to dairy and peanuts. That is until Hype Food Co. opened and their amazing Soft Serve Dole Whip ice cream stepped in. Watching my two kidlets smile and laugh taking those first few bites of those two heaping bowls of creamy, sweet pineapple and mango soft-serve ice cream was enough to bring a tear to even the toughest allergy mom’s eye.

After thoroughly enjoying our ice cream and lunches we reluctantly decided it was time to get back on the road. However, we could not walk out of this food allergy friendly bakery without some goodies right? Well,  I feel like Pauline’s strategy of placing her delicious Top 8 Free deserts right at the front of the restaurant was pure genius. I mean, we left with 6 cupcakes, 4 cookies, 2 donuts, a coffee, and this was after we ate our meals! We were not kidding around. When you live over two hours away from an amazing food allergy friendly restaurant like Hype Food Co., you load up right? 

My family will definitely be returning to Hype Food Co., in the near future so we can enjoy the hospitality, delicious food, and food allergy friendly atmosphere.


Breakfast cookies

Hype Food Company is a family run business in Toronto, located at 1060 Gerrard ST. E (corner of Gerrard and Jones in Leslieville). Always make sure to check the menu and ingredients before ordering to ensure the food is safe for you, and/or your family members. 

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