20 Easy Toddler Lunches Peanut free and milk free meals by SosiSafe

1 Toddler, 20 Easy Toddler Lunches

During these lovely “Spring” days I find it difficult to find motivation when creating my weekly/monthly meal plans. So I thought I would share 20 of our Easy Toddler Lunches to hopefully inspire some new recipe ideas for you and your family this week.I have included toddler lunches that have been tried and approved by my kidlets!

1 Toddler, 20 Easy Toddler Lunches

Below you will find, “Breakfast for lunch”, “Vegan choices”, and our “Overall Favourites.” 

Hopefully you will find some inspiration for your plans, I would love to see your meals too! 

Please feel free to click on select pictures for quick links to our dairy and peanut free recipes.

20 Easy Toddler Lunches, Peanut free and milk free by SosiSafe
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Breakfast for Lunch
This is a crowd favourite around here for sure!

Toddler pancakes baby finger food Eat clean toddler meals healthy toddler snack.
Click here for SosiCakes recipe!


Organic Pumpkin Waffles easy toddler lunch
Click for Organic Pumpkin Waffle Recipe!


Healthy toddler meals made easy.

Click for French Toast Recipe!

Looking for ideas on getting your picky eater to eat!? Click this article,Picky eater? 

Vegan Toddler Lunches

We are definitely liking these ‘meatless’ lunch days! 

When it comes to searching for safe, dairy free recipes, vegan meals are our go-to. Not only are vegan meals better for the planet, they include lots of healthy fats and veggies (which makes my meal-planning a little bit easier).

Peanut free, no dairy, and eat clean Guacamole Pasta. Toddler meals made easy.
Click for Guacamole Recipe!

Tex Mex Noodles by SosiSafe

ChickPea Patties Easy Vegan Toddler Lunches by SosiSafe
Click for Chickpea Patty Recipe!


Tex-Mex Toddler Lunch
Click for Tex-Mex Fries Recipe!


Salsa Pasta with "cheese"
Click for EzPz Pasta Recipe!


Vegan Curry Easy Toddler Lunch by SosiSafe
Click for Curry in a Hurry Recipe!

Easy Toddler Lunch Favourites

Chicken Noodle Soup Easy Healthy Toddler Lunch by SosiSafe
Click for Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe!


Select a Side Spaghetti Toddler Lunch
Click for Spaghetti Toddler Lunch!

Dinner by Dad Toddler Lunch Ideas

Maple Glazed Salmon Easy Toddler Lunch Ideas

Select a Side Dips for French fries and Tex Mex Sweet Potato Fries Easy Toddler Lunch
Tex-mex fries!

Hashbrown Scramble Easy Toddler Lunch for breakfast by SosiSafe

Butternut Squash Soup Easy Toddler Lunch by SosiSafe

Meatloaf Medley Easy Toddler Lunch by SosiSafe
Click for Meatloaf Recipe!

Fajita, easy toddler lunch ideas by SosiSafe Easy Toddler Lunches

We also have links to 5 Easy, Healthy Toddler Breakfasts, that can also assist with those busy morning rushes.

Happy planning!



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