The BEST Non Toxic Wooden Toys found on ETSY review written by SosiSafe

Our Favourite Non-Toxic Toys found on Etsy

Due to Covid-19, many small shops have updated their store policies.

Why Non-Toxic Toys?

I have a serious hate on for BPA, or I guess plastic toys in general. I am sure some people think I am super crazy but I am not a fan of children, (especially babies) gnawing away on toys that contain chemical materials. So as you can probably guess, when my kidlets were babies I was slightly obsessed with collecting Non-Toxic toys. After hours of obsessively searching for wooden toys that were made in Canada I found some absolutely amazing shops.  I also stumbled upon an American shop that happily ships to Canada, and their Organic Wooden Keys are such a favourite I had to include them in our list as well.

Handmade means something to me when I make purchases for my family. I understand the time and effort it takes to source the right materials, create family friendly designs, and find the time to sell to lucky customers like us!

It should be noted that I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Thank you so much for reading, I hope your kidlet(s) enjoy these product as much as we do. 

The Best Non Toxic Toys Etsy Shop Review by Sosi Safe
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The Toy Tree Milton, Ontario, Canada

“One of the important things I wanted was for my toys to be non-toxic, as we all know kids put everything in their mouths. SO all of my products have non-Toxic finishes.” -Mark, The Toy Tree 

The Toy Tree makes classic wooden blocks without paint, stain, or any type of toxic materials. Mark takes the time to create these non-toxic hands-on learning toys in his garage woodshop while sourcing the Douglas Fir wood from Ontario sources.

The detailed sanded edges make these wooden blocks even more appealing for gentle baby fingers. My kidlets absolutely love building tall towers, castles, and robots and I could not be happier watching their little imaginations in action.

Last year we purchased two complimentary sets and all the pieces are still going strong! The two sets were Wooden Blocks as well as Wooden Blocks (varied shapes) with rectangle, cube, and triangle pieces.

Oh and guess what? FREE SHIPPING! That’s right friends! Free shipping for Canadian orders, just another reason to skip the big box store and purchase from this small shop. These are delivered ready to use when they arrive at your door.

Happy Little Gnome, Nova Scotia, Canada

Wooden Toys Happy Little Gnome Etsy shop review Non toxic wooden today Review by SosiSafe

The Montessori education method was an idea that I first explored in university and is a parenting path that I find myself very drawn towards. I really enjoy the hands-on learning approach as well as the collaborative play. Lucky for my kidlets (and yours!) Tamara takes the time to build non-toxic, engaging, wooden toys that coincide with the Montessori theory.

The Peg and Cup are especially fascinating since I had my doubts that these two simple objects would hold the attention of a little one. I am not sure if it the fact that they are the perfect size for little hands, or that when banged onto various objects they make very loud noises. Whatever the case may be, I am happily surprised that this simple toy is still in rotation over a year later.

I also like that they are the perfect size for babies since the peg person is actually one solid piece. I did not worry about small pieces coming apart during play and this made me relax, a smidge when they were being rolled around on the floor and knocked into other objects.

“We like to finish our wooden toys with 100% jojoba oil which is a liquid wax and has a very long shelf life. It protects the wood and creates a really smooth finish and also happens to be safe in case a little one decides to see how their new toy tastes!” – Tamara, HappyLitteGnome, Owner

Fact and Fiction Toys, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Wooden Toys Fact and Fiction Toys Etsy shop review Non toxic wooden today Review by SosiSafe

Wooden Toys Fact and Fiction Toys Etsy shop review Non toxic wooden today Review by SosiSafe


“I find most of my motivation from my two boys! As they grow and develop in their creativity and imagination it spurs on ideas in my own mind. I am constantly thinking up new ideas to try to encourage and cultivate their imagination as they grow and learn through simple toys and activities that allow them to work alongside.” – Joni, Fact and Fiction Toys, Owner

When my kidlets are playing with the Wooden Keys and Organic Wooden Cars made by Joni and her husband, I relax and let their creativity shine. There is something about supporting another mom and her business that makes me even happier while online shopping for non-toxic toys. Joni and her husband take the time to craft these amazing toys in a shop behind their family home. I feel comfortable knowing that the wood is sourced locally (to our US neighbours to the south) and finished with organic beeswax and olive oil.

NOTE: I am a 10/10 worrywart. I would keep the cars with the tiny wheels for older children just in case after some hard crash-ups a wheel comes off. There are parts small enough to be choking hazards (in my opinion). 

Next steps?

I am constantly on the hunt for new and engaging toys that increase my children’s creativity, activity, and interest in their surroundings. If you have any suggestions of other Canadian (or United States) non-toxic toys that you cannot live without please let me know!

Thank you to the amazing small shops for all your hard work!

My kidlets and I appreciate it.

Sosi’s Mom

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PS. It should be noted that I am not a chemist, doctor, or childhood development specialist. I am a mom obsessed with researching but it is your responsibility to purchase toys that are safe for your children depending on their age and development abilities.


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