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SosiSafe is dedicated to those who love someone with a food allergy. Are you looking for ways to support a family member, friend, or colleague who is allergic to peanuts and/or milk? As an allergy mom I often find it difficult to find recipes that comply with our Food Allergy requirements. So, I have decided to document our successful creations, and share our ideas, opinions, and discoveries.

Thank you so much for reading and learning with us.

Who is Sosi?

Sosi is my inspiration for creating this blog as she is Epi-Pen allergic to peanuts and milk. This is not a web-MD mom diagnosis, but an authentic allergist confirmed conclusion. She was six months old when she first got hives all over her face when we tried peanut butter. At eight months we added some milk to mashed potatoes, and again, hives erupted everywhere the food had come in contact with her skin. These reactions prompted an appointment with our family doctor who recommended we see a local allergist. The allergist results were clear- Sosi’s body was not able to tolerate peanuts or milk.

Food Allergy Mom.

After the official diagnosis I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, and panicked. As a full-on worry-wart, this only escalated my heart palpitations and list of unanswered questions. How can we keep her safe? Will she ever be able to attend birthday parties? Where can I find Food Allergy recipes that are healthy that everyone will enjoy? What will we do when she goes to school?

Furthermore, I quickly became obsessed with online researching. Fast forward to today, after countless hours of recipe trial and errors, and I am finally ready to share our peanut free and milk free recipes with you. It should be noted that most of these recipes are eat-cleanISH in nature. We avoid processed food as often as possible and believe in recipes that taste delicious because of real food ingredients.

Supporting each other.

Fellow Food Allergy parents, grandparents, neighbours, and friends can follow us and share struggles, successes, and questions. Within this online world, we will support other families who have loved ones with any Food Allergies. We do not bring products in the house that “may contain peanuts”, but everything here is made with love.


Mel aka Sosi’s Mom


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  1. I can imagine how distressing it was to discover she was allergic to these foods after all feeding a baby is stressful enough but you turned it into a positive by providing healthy recipes. A great initiative

  2. I cannot imagine how difficult things can be at times for you. My little only has intolerance to foods but a full on allergy to everyday food must be a difficult task, one you take on like a champion and have done with such grace. The meals you make your little are ones any tolerant adult will envy and they always look great. Big loves xo

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